DJ SoulZ


London, United Kingdom

SoulZ is a DJ known for playing sensual zouk music perfect for expressing musicality. He has a varied repertoire including unremixed RnB, pop, lyrical, ballads, dubstep, chillstep, and reggae inspired music and always throws in the odd surprise track to keep dancers on their toes. He is a versatile DJ and can also play more traditional, energetic zouk to set the dance floor on fire and make the night unforgettable.

His nickname SoulZ comes from his dancing philosophy of SoulZouk which was developed by China in Rio de Janeiro. He is devoted follower of this methodology and endeavours to to deliver it with his music on the dancefloor.

He started his DJ career in 2008 with Salsa, playing at various parties across Scotland. Then after moving to London in 2011 he became involved with the vibrant Bachata scene. In 2012 SoulZ discovered Zouk and a year later was able to share his passion for this music at parties in London. Now he is playing all over Europe including major Zouk festivals like Brno ZoukTime, Helsinki Zouk Festival, Bachaturo, Zurich Zouk Congress and even more to come.

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