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Zouk Masters Training with Val and Vanessa 25-28.06.2018 Katowice / POLAND



00:00 Mon, 25 Jun 2018 (Europe/Warsaw)


23:55 Thu, 28 Jun 2018 (Europe/Warsaw)

Event Types

Become Zouk Padawan during Zouk Masters Course with Val and Vanessa <3 :D


<3 Zouk masterclasses with amazing VAL & VANESSA <3

<3 12 hours of technical classes from professional brazilian teachers who are known for their passion and remarkable quality of teaching <3

<3 Limited numbers of participants = maximum of 40 people = 20 couples

<3 Classes that are focused on foundations, technique and safety.
Highly recommended for teachers!

<3 Unlimited drinks including coffee, tea and water <3

<3 Delicoius meals available to be ordered onsite <3 :) for 5Eur (Soup + main meal)

xxxxxxxxxx Brasilesia Social Club xxxxxxxxxx

A social event that can be combined with masterclasses so that you can chill during the day and learn in the afternoons followed by zouk parties in beautiful Willa Styl <3


xxxxxxxxxx Zouk Masterclasses with VAL & VANESSA xxxxxxxxxx

Monday 25.06
18:00 - 21:00 Zouk Masters with Val & Vanessa / day 1 = 3h

Tuesday 26.06
18:00 - 21:00 Zouk Masters with Val & Vanessa / day 2 = 3h

Wednesday 27.06
18:00 - 21:00 Zouk Masters with Val & Vanessa / day 3 = 3h

Thursday 28.06
18:00 - 21:00 Zouk Masters with Val & Vanessa / day 4 = 3h

xxxxxxxxxx CENY / PRICES xxxxxxxxxx

Option 1) UPGRADE Pass for BRASILESIA3 Full Pass holders
Option 2) Regular Brasilesia Social Club Pass
Option 3) Zouk Masters Pass


1) (U) BSC + ZM = 80 EUR / 320 PLN
2) (U) BSC = 30 EUR / 120 PLN
3) (U) ZM = 60 EUR / 240 PLN


1) (R) BSC + ZM = 100 EUR / 400 PLN
2) (R) BSC = 40 EUR / 160 PLN
3) (R) ZM = 70 EUR / 280 PLN

xxxxxxxxxx REJESTRACJA / REGISTRATION xxxxxxxxxx

Registration form for BSC & ZM:

xxxxxxxxxx LOKALIZACJA / LOCATION xxxxxxxxxx

All parties, masterclass workshops and most social activities will take place in WILLA STYL which is our preffered and beloved location for most dance events organised by Team BRASILESIA and Zouk Katowice :)

Willa Styl
Ul.Dworcowa 8 (Dworcowa 8 street)
Świętochłowice / Katowice

Link to the Willa's fanpage:

xxxxxxxxxx NOCLEGI / ACCOMODATION xxxxxxxxxx

Option 1:
Cheap accomodation available at ZGODA Hostel

Room options (bed / bathroom):
1 + ensuite bathroom
2 + ensuite bathroom
3 + ensuite bathroom
4 + ensuite bathroom
1 + shared bathroom

SPECIAL PRICE for Zgoda Hostel to be confirmed until 6.04.2018 (no discount until this date)

Option 2:
High quality rooms available at Willa Styl (event location)
10% discount with "BRASILESIA" code

Room options (bed / bathroom):
1 + ensuite bathroom (2 rooms)
2 + ensuite bathroom (3 rooms)
*additional beds can be added to some rooms

xxxxxxxxxx TRANSPORT / TRANSPORTATION xxxxxxxxxx


We don't have any information for this event.
We don't have any information for this event.

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