ChillZouk Holidays Autumn Edition in Poland 13 - 17 Nov 2020


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This is your chance to experience Poland like never before. Save the date & join us and many passionate dancers from around the World in these epic Brazilian Zouk dance events!

➡️ Friday 13th - Tuesday 17th November 2020 ⬅️

4 Days & Nights of... DANCE... EAT... CHILL... REPEAT...!!!

66 hours of magical Brazilian Zouk dance experience awaits you in the mountains of Ustron... Join 150 dancers at Poland's best Zouk marathon where you will spend 4 Days & Nights of... DANCE... EAT... CHILL... REPEAT...!!!

⭐ Only 150 Spots Total ⭐
(124 Dancers, 26 DJs & Team members)

See our website for full details - Register, Costs, Venue Address & Travel Guide, and more!


You do not want to miss this... Be there!

You get all this with the Full Pass

✅ All-inclusive full pass; accommodation, meals, snacks, drinks.
✅ 66 hours of dancing Zouk marathon.
✅ No classes. No shows.
✅ Equal Leader : Follower ratio.
✅ Nutrient-packed marathon food for meat-eater, vegetarian, vegan.
✅ 2 Large indoor & outdoor dance floors.
✅ The best European DJs playing all Zoukable energy types.
✅ LIVE music - Guitarist, Piano & Singer.
✅ High-quality sound systems.
✅ Beautiful light systems.
✅ Surrounded by beautiful mountains to explore.
✅ Outdoor BBQ.
✅ Chocolate fountain.
✅ Tea ceremony.
✅ Photobox.

The DJs (Full House!)

❤️ Carlos Manuel - DJ Xearo (NL)
❤️ Daniel Pytel - DJ HushZ (DE)
❤️ Petter Nøding - DJ Viking (NO)
❤️ Aleksandra P. - DJ Alexx (PL)
❤️ Stefan Bauroth - DJ Baui (DE)
❤️ Brajan Nosal - DJ Craanky (PL)
❤️ Vitaly Portnikov - DJ Remy (RU)
❤️ Daniel Drizhuk - DJ Toucher (RU)

See our website for full details - Register, Costs, Venue Address & Travel Guide, and more!


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100% pure social event


Fullpass tickets starting from 259€

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