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Interfusion Festival


Interfusion Festival
Alexandria, VA, United States of America

Interfusion Festival: Experience the Largest Fusion Festival in the US on September 1-4, 2017 at the Luxurious Westin Alexandria, VA.
Choose from Over 100 Unique Workshops, Extraordinary Evening Shows & Epic Night Parties.

-15 AcroYoga & Partner-Yoga Workshops
-15 Thai Massage & Tantra Workshops
-15 Meditation & Healing Workshop
-25 Pole Dance & Movement Workshops
-30 Social Dance Workshops & More!
No Partner Required. Beginners Welcomed.

Nightly Epic Parties Across 6 Ballroom for Zouk, Bachata, Salsa, Pole, Kizomba & Swing. World-Class DJ across 20,000 SF Exclusive Hotel Space.

Explore Over 50 Unique Vendors from the Healing Arts, Dance, Mindfulness & More.

To Reserve Access Visit:

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